More than writing about myself I prefer to share with you

an article written by Top Cork Wedding Magazine about me and how I work.



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I am originally from Sardinia and now live permanently in Cork, South of Ireland.

I always loved photography and while I enjoy taking photos of everything that attracts me, my main focus is to offer best quality wedding photography in Cork and Kerry.

I realized I could enjoy photographing weddings the day I was taking photos as a guest at a friend's wedding.

It was the perfect occasion for me to photograph many real moments in a real way!

It was also a big boost of confidence for me to see that one the images taken at that wedding won an award for best image of the year in a national photo competition and that my work have been published in the top national newspapers.

Photography is also a big part of my free time. I enjoy a lot flying a drone to take photos from the sky and capturing candid portraits of my children.

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